Workshops 1-3

For the first 3 weeks of typography we completed different tasks each week which helped us gain more experience in placement, spacing and composition for text.

We did these tasks to help us see how powerful & influential text can be for advertising & everyday life.


The first week, we started by drawing a grid and using 3 black blocks to symbolise text, we done this first as we had to get used to figuring out spacing and how we wanted people to read the grid. I found this quite easy at first, but after a few placements and arrangements, it gets harder as you want it to be readable but interesting at the same time.


The second week we continued using the 3 blocks, then we moved onto actual text. We were given a sheet with information about a fictional talk which would take place at different times in different countries. When we started this, again it seemed easy, but trying to figure out more interesting ways of placing text got considerably harder. After we had finished using on type of text, we had to experiment with different weights & points. It was the same context but in different sizes which made us think more about the hierarchy of text, what we wanted to stand out and what was more important.


The final week was basically continuing with our other tasks and completing another which involved using the black blocks and text together. I found this quite interesting as it was a way of highlighting what I wanted to be read first as apposed to what text was bigger and how the layout was. No matter where the text was put, the blocks always drew the attention straight away so using them in a certain way helped draw more attention to the more significant aspects of text.



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