Typographic Cities

This brief was about using 100 words to describe a city/country/town on a poster to advertise it. We had to look at 3 different places, research them & figure out how we would promote somewhere using just 100 words.

For my research, I looked at London, Barbados & Miami. I chose London as I have lived here all my life, I know all about the London lifestyle, different places, areas & different perceptions of the City. I chose Barbados as I went on holiday there during the summer and had a perfect week. I felt that after having an amazing experience I may be able to share my experience with others. I finally chose Miami because it is somewhere I have always wanted to visit, it looks like a stunning place & somewhere where I think would be ideal to vacate to.




I chose my places for different reasons and see these reasons as a good way of starting my research- from things I already know about them. I started off by creating a mind map for each place, I wrote about the colours I wanted to use, words that described the places and words that were inspired by them. I wanted to find a good font to represent each place individually and that would show the place as a whole.


After completing my research of my 3 chosen places, I chose to use London as my final choice to create my poster/flyer.

I created my own London title and scanned it in as I couldn’t find something I felt suitable, it was a mix of elegant and rough. I feel that the words I used to describe London & to promote it made sense as I not only advertised famous landmarks, I took into consideration different parts of London that I found interesting & I also included words that I felt described London and how I felt when thinking about the City.



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