Editorial Design

Our first assignment for term 2 is editorial design;

You are asked to create content, words and images, for a publication that you are also to design. The starting point for the content of the publication is yourself.



For the start of my project, I began my research by looking at different magazine spreads and covers and analysing them. I looked at the layouts, the type, images, colours and themes.


After thinking of different options for the theme of my magazine, I wanted to show a personal side to me that not a lot of people necessarily know about me or would understand. Having Arthritis is a very difficult thing and people don’t tend to understand the effects that can have on you. My magazine will focus on the two different sides of me, when I’m happy and pain free and when I’m in pain and feel quite alone and isolated. The content of my magazine will feature poems relating to my feelings, a section about my experience and my experience of a charity that has helped me. I am also including an advertisement of the charity.


I then went on to look at different types of grids, how grids work and what kind of grid would I use for my magazine.


After looking at different grids, I wanted to think about my fonts. What fonts would represent the different parts of my magazine and the different feelings.

This image shows part of my sketchbook where I looked at various fonts which I felt could work in my magazine.

This image shows the fonts I have chosen to represent me and my feelings in the magazine. I chose quite opposite fonts to represent the different sides of my magazine.



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