Visual Studies

After having a few weeks of Gallery Visits, our Thursdays lessons started again and we started our visual studies.

Our first lesson was based on us visiting the Winter Garden, and completing a 360˚ drawing. I chose to stand outside the entrance of the Gardens as I had a great view of the park & of the Gardens together. I was concerned at how I would connect each view as I turned but it flowed quite easily and carried on well. I used two different pens, a black felt tip and a fine liner. I used the fine liner to indicate objects,buildings that were closer to me & to fill in more intricate details, I then used the felt tip to draw the more prominent objects/buildings and to show their presence in the landscape.


Our second lesson, we had to bring in a functional object, and a matchbox full of things we could find in our house. I chose my umbrella as my functional object, and in my matchbox, I put in an earring, a piece of card with a rose print, a padlock from a necklace and other small items.

We were told to cut up our A1 paper into 8 rectangles and focus on composition when drawing our objects. I focused on different sections when drawing, I drew my umbrella from different angles, in different ways and used pencil & charcoal.


Our third lesson was focusing on mixed media and using different ways of making a mark. Using an A1 sheet, we used masking tape to section of squares over the page. We then focused on bleach,ink,pastel and other types of media. I used a range of different methods to fill up my paper. Focusing on the lines and shapes that I drew the week before, I created different marks mainly using the ink and then going over and highlighting sections with the bleach. Overall, there were many different ways of creating patterns and I found it quite interesting experimenting with media that I wouldn’t normally use.



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