Final Map

Final Design

Our final design represents each of our different routes, using different colors for different types of transportation.

Final Design- coloured symbols – two variations.

Final Design- coloured dots next to symbols, two variations.

Our Map

Our map will also be inspired by the London Underground tube maps. Our map has different colour codes to what kind of transport we use to get to university.

As our map will be focusing on our different ways of travel (train, bus, car, bike) and our different routes (from north, east, south), we have decided to create our map based on the human body, our destination is the brain of the body which symbolises Greenwich University and the veins will represent us individually connected to the University.

My Journey To Avery Hill

It takes me about half an hour to get to Avery Hill, I take two busses the 160 from my house in Lee to Eltham, where I then catch one of few busses to the Mansion site. I walk occasionally (if the suns out and I can be bothered), I would then walk from my house to Yorkshire Grey Roundabout where I will then catch a b15 straight to Mansion Site, this route will take about 45 minutes.

I pass a few different areas on my route such as Horn Park, Yorkshire Grey Roundaboat, Eltham Green Foundation School, Middle Park, Eltham Hill School, Eltham, Avery Hill.


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