Mapping Research

The Flâneur

The Flâneur is a man who will wonder the streets of his city to explore and observe, his key role is to try and understand the city and portraying it well.

The term of flâneur comes from the French masculine noun flâneur—which has thebasic meanings of “stroller”, “lounger”.

Different Types of Maps

World Map

Treasure Map

Tube Map

United Kingdom Map


Toccatta for toy trains is one of the many short films created by Charles & Ray Eames. The film includes a large amount of antique toys such as dolls, animals and of course trains. The music added fits the film perfectly and adds to the atmosphere of the storyline.

When watching, at first I expected the target audience to be younger children, but then after thinking, it seems that younger children wouldn’t be able to appreciate the intricate details of every object that moves and how precious these toys are.

I think the target audience is definitely aimed higher then I first thought. I also feel the film wasn’t suited much for me, I can understand how technically challenging it was at that time to create such a wide animated film but it didn’t have too much going on and I felt it was nothing compared to modern films.


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