Narrative & Sequence

This course encourages students to engage with the possibilities of narrative and sequence and develops their technical expertise in this design specialism

After hearing about Alexandra‘s research into children working with designers and how the children were able to just use their imaginations so easily, whereas the adults were struggling with the concepts of fiction and non-fiction , I found it quite hard to just make something out of nothing. I thought it was going to be easier than it actually was. It sounds like an easy task just being told to play with materials. In the end I created a little character, which to me resembles some kind of box/bunny (that’s just my perception!) After taking pictures in the photography studio, I looked back at them and a couple of the front shots seem to show a bit of emotion.


Happy Box

Sad Box



I took a couple of images working on my character, as of yet, it doesn’t have a name but I’m still getting to know them!


photo 1

photo 2These images were taken through the process of creating my character/object.

I wasn’t sure what to really start with at the beginning so I created a net and made the box (to the right) it seemed quite strange to look it but reminded me of maybe something that could fly. I then used two strips of paper to create the box springs (on the left) which later I used as maybe ears/antennas.


Axe Cop was shown to the class by Jim, after watching some of the first episode, I found it really interesting. I found a few episodes online and watched them and seeing the way the story was written (by a 5 year old), the word choices and humour seemed planned but it wasn’t. The programme really was an inspiration into not thinking so hard and trying to be a bit more imagininative & childlike as opposed to being so serious all of the time and being more free.

Sketchbook Work

(Images for my sketchbook)

image(2) image(3)image(4)

image(5) image(6)


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