Brand Communications

“This course brings the fundamental design skills learnt in year one into a professional context. The course introduces students to specific areas of the industry; such as brand development, packaging and advertising, so their choice of direction in the future workplace will be better informed. A range of creative individual and group projects engage students with the process of evaluating a client-generated brief and how to develop and articulate ideas for a specifically researched audience”


For our first lecture we focused on brands, how we would interpret a brand, what we think brands are saying to us and what kind of audience do we feel they are aiming at. During the lecture, Miriam talked about how logos are the main representation of a brand, the colours & style can be interpreteted to feel more upper class or more loyal or even empathetic to us. The way a brand advertises and represents itself is always mirroring their target audience, they want us to see it and feel like it would make our life better, choosing a certain brand and a certain product will enhance our life. Choosing a brand doesn’t always come down to preferences, sometimes it can be about price or what products they offer, but generally, we will always go for something that is familiar and safe to us. We then went on to discuss wording, what kind of words would be appropriate to describe your personal attributes, we were given a list at first and told to choose 10. After looking at my 10 words, I found myself being a bit negative about myself, but going through each one and finding synonyms for them and creating a more in depth list, I found it didn’t look as bad as I thought.

For our first lesson in the studio, we had two lectures, about imaging and about colour. The image lecture was focused on what makes a good image and the kind of things that we have to think about to help us create an effective image. I found the lighting side to it quite interesting as I have always struggled with that, finding a good natural light is always quite hard. The colour lecture was mainly about what colours mean to us, subconciously we arrange different colours to mean different things to us. Different nations and religions can have certain views on colours and can mean different things then they do to us.
After choosing my objects to represent my words we had to create a colour palette that represented it. I wasn’t really happy with what mine looked like, especially as I felt the main three primary colours didn’t represent them properly. After creating the second palette which represented each word scientifically linked to a colour, my palette still didn’t really match well. The third palette I created represented the two palettes I had and combined the colours I felt worked best. I am still not as happy as I want to be with this but as I move on and look at complimentary colours and how they work, I will get a better understanding on how to use them and what works best.

The images for my words have been quite hard, I don’t want to be too literal but creating an image I think will work best for me. There are certain words that I feel I have an idea of and how I want to represent them.





Object Palette


Scientific Palette


Combination Palette


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